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John 12a – “The Anointing”

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In a sense, Mary was doing for Jesus what God would be doing with Jesus.

3-crosses-at-left-2READ JOHN 12:1-11

What loomed on the horizon was the ultimate pouring out of one’s life, the supreme demonstration of selfless love that would bring peace to the world, healing to the nations, Spirit life to mankind. It would also be to God a sweet smelling, perfect, approved, sufficient, sacrifice. In a sense, Mary was doing FOR Jesus what God would be doing WITH Jesus. She anointed Him with perfume, “liquid love”, the fluid of her devotion. God would do the same in “anointing” the world with the blood of His Son. She poured out all her precious perfume – God would completely pour out His Son, Jesus. It is so fitting that such an expression and experience of unhindered, extravagant love would be used by God as a powerful symbol to prepare Christ for His passion, and to also inspire our passion for Christ.

The ugly “other side”, which always seems to dwell alongside evil, is that in the same moment that extravagant love is being expressed, the polar opposite and demonic perversion of love: miserly, self-centered, murderous, hostility to God which would, by necessity and nature, scheme to rob, malign, corrupt, murder and eliminate that love. The love of Judas and the chief priests stands in stark contrast to the love of Mary and Jesus. Where Mary and Jesus sought to demonstrate love and life, their counterparts sought to destroy it and replace it with death disguised as religion.

And this is how the week begins!

3 Responses to John 12a – “The Anointing”

  1. Leo Wurschmidt

    Mary's sacrifice is a neat metaphor for what Christ was about to do in the upcoming days. I have to admit that I never really saw that connection.

    An incredible thought that comes to mind is that each of the sacrifices that comes pouring out to others through (and for) God is as sweet-smelling as that perfume and Christ's sacrificial blood.

  2. Jonathan Scott

    Not sure we can equate every other sacrifice with that of Christ since the price of His was so dear and the need for it so intense (sin atonement and reconciling God and man) but I do believe that every sacrifice in the name of Christ is perfume to God!

    • Leo Wurschmidt

      Hmm, good point on that. I definitely never want to think that any of my sacrifices or gifts could ever equal that of Jesus'. Thanks for keeping me on check with that line of thought.