“Flawed Scribe” is my upfront admission of my being an imperfect but in-process pilgrim whose musings and insights, though sincere, are reflective of the journey I am still a student in.

I find that people (me included) give the disclaimer that we aren’t perfect and that we’re all in process but it does seem that we actually do assume a significant level of expertise with our views. I mean, look at the heat and vigor with which we communicate and unconsciously expect to be heard and heeded. That is “flawed” because no matter the issue, we are incapable of seeing it from all the angles AND with perfect flaw-free clarity. Only One can make that claim for He is also the One who shapes reality and perspective. When it comes to the issues of life, including those of my own, I am definitely 20/20 challenged.

I am reading through the book of Job, in the Bible. I think this assumption of “flaw-free clarity” was Job’s problem in his understandable reaction to the incalculable suffering he was afflicted with along with the insufferable “comforters” he had for friends. (They really did try to help but they were clueless malpracticioners of soul-care). Job dared to assert that in his own righteousness, he had the right and intention to confront God and expect an answer. Larry Crabb in his book, Inside Out (great book) refers to the “Sin of Demandingness” and that this cute little companion already has real estate in our hearts, lurking in close proximity to our own sense of justice and fair play. It usually rears its attractive head with calm ferocity whe we face adversity or deprivation. It is when we are going without, being left out, being opposed or oppressed that we demand, even to God, our list of grievances be heard and resolved. The amazing thing is that we are not even aware of the presence of this self-righteous roommate, closer to us than our own skin.

Personally, I am going through some challenges in my own life and I have come to understand painfully, humbly, that although I have been given some wisdom, that due to my “flawed” nature, I must be careful not even to count on that apart from an absolute reliance and dependence of the One who is fully, truly all-knowing and all-wise. I am a flawed scribe because even in the face of the reality of Jesus Christ, The Way, TRUTH and life, I still find myself opposing His wisdom in favor of my own.

Indeed, I am a scribe in that I think, read, muse, ponder and then communicate through writing, musical compositions (makes me more of a bard here) and also counseling, guiding, encouraging, and teaching/preaching to others. I am flawed in that, inherently, I am broken and in the process of being fixed. My musings are always tainted with the fact that I do not see as God does, and quite frankly, never will, not even, I believe, in eternity, since I will never BE God. But that’s OK…God is already doing a great job being God and I trust Him….I mean, I am learning to trust Him. (Oooops, I did it again!)

So as far as your sampling my philosophical emanations, enter and partake at your own risk, but with eyes wide open, recognizing who you’re dealing with: a piece of clay on the wheel being molded to become something of far greater worth in the future than he is right now.

My hope is in this passage of Scripture, which is also a promise:

“…being confident of this, that He who began a good in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ.” (Philippians 1:6)

May it be true of me and you as well.

Bon Voyage!